What is Gentle Yoga?

Gentle Yoga is appropriate for any skill level or age, even if you have never tried yoga before.

Yoga guru Romi SIngh created this class to benefit every student, of any experience level, age, or health condition.  Beginners and experienced practitioners alike can enjoy increased wellbeing through this series. 

Class begins with meditation and breathing to calm the mind and bring awareness to the breath.  Gentle stretches follow to open the body.  Next, asanas (postures) are demonstrated that can be easily modified for beginners or deepened for more experienced students.    The series is designed to address complete range of movement.  Class ends with deep relaxation.

All sessions are taught by Romi SIngh.

What is the Sivananda Series?

Beneficial for all skill levels.

The Sivananda Series includes the Surya Namaskar (Sun Salutation) series of 12 asanas, followed by a series composed by Swami Sivananda of classical asanas.  A beautiful series designed by Swami Sivananda for students seeking complete and authentic yoga as physical evercise.  

Class begins with meditation and breathing exercise to quiet the mind and concentrate on the breath.  Opening stretches leading into Surya Namaskar are demonstrated and practiced, followed by the full Sivananda Series.  Class ends with deep relaxation.

Classes are taught by Teacher in Training Shana Crouch.

Questions? Contact Romi! 412-853-0752